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Harrison Jim Kokopelli PendantThe Kokopelli is a very popular figure found at Petroglyph sites throughout the southwest. His frequent and widespread appearance suggests he was a well traveled and universally recognized Deity of Considerable Potency. Kokopelli's likeness varies as much as the legends about him, but by and large he is grotesquely hunchbacked and nearly always playing a flute. the Kokopelli figure had been found in ruins of pithouse people dating as early as 200 A.D. The Kokopelli may derive from Zuni and Hopi names for a god (koko) and a desert "robber fly" they call pelli. This predatory insect has a hump on its back and a prominent proboscis. Popular legends include: HOHOKAM - Deity of fertility. HOPI - Carries a sack of deerskin to barter for brides or a burden of babies which he leaves with the young women. Played flute to announce his arrival in village. SAN ILDEFONSO - Wandering minstrel with a sack of songs on his back. ZUNI - Rain priest able to make it rain at will. NAVAJO - God of harvest and plenty. Hump was believed to be made of clouds filled with seeds or rainbows.