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Kachina Meanings
  • Bear - Courage and strength. Represents great power to cure the sick.
  • Eagle - Rules the sky. Represents strength and great power.
  • Wolf - Great hunter. Teacher and pathfinder.
  • Ogre - Disciplinarian of the children. Represented as black or white.
  • Owl - Intelligence and wisdom. Keeps rodents in check.
  • Deer - Dances to increase his kind, therefore ensuring abundance.
  • Ram - Dances to increase his kind, and has power over the rain.
  • Snow - Brings snow and cold weather essential for the growth of crops.
  • Badger - Cures the sick. Prayers for the growth of healing herbs are given to him.
  • Lizard - Fighting kachina. Brings sweethearts together.
  • Crow Mother - Guardian of children.
  • Corn Maiden - Purifies women who grind the corn for ceremonies.
  • Hummingbird - Appears as a runner. He is a brilliant impersonator.
  • Morning Singer - Appears on rooftops and sings to waken the village.
  • Buffalo Warrior - Assures there will be adequate food for winter.
  • Wolf Warrior - Assures there will be adequate food for winter.
  • Buffalo - Most powerful kachina. Kills evil thoughts and is a spiritual protector.
  • Hototo - Preparer of food. Most respected war kachina.
  • Antelope - Dances to increase his kind. Brings rain.
  • Shalako - Most magnificant. Towers seven feet high. Brings rain.
  • Mudhead - Powerful kachina who acts as a clown and enforcer.
  • Butterfly - Lands on flowers, used by the medicine man.
  • Kokopelli - Hunched back flute player. Brings rain and fertility.
  • Sunface - Warmth and shelter for the elderly, a bright future for the young.
  • Broadface - Carries yucca whips to enforce community cleansing.
  • Left Hand - Reverse kachina, does everything in the opposite.
  • Chasing Star - Represents planets and stars. Returns fallen stars to the sky.
  • Snake Dancer - Sends messages with the snake to ask for rain.
  • Hilili - Guard kachina known for the call he makes.
  • Long Horned - Brings long life.
  • Long Hair - Brings rain. Always singing.
  • Fancy Dancer - Fan passes prayers to the heavens.
  • Traditional Dancer - Entertainer. Passes along prayers.
  • Eototo - Kachina Chief. Controls the seasons. Knows all ceremonies.
  • Aholi - Lieutenant to the Eototo. Accompanies the Eototo to bring rain.
  • Squash - Important as a plant. Signifies food source.
  • Mouse - Hero of Second Mesa. Rid village of a pesky chickenhawk.
  • Clown / Koshari - Powerful enforcer, entertains crowds.