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Corn Maidens
"Grandmother of the Sun and The Grandmother of the Light" Troy Sice Cornmaiden, Zuni

In the Pueblo Indian culture, corn is to the people the very symbol of life. The Corn Maiden brought this gift. The Corn Maiden brings the power of life to the people. As the corn is given life by the sun, the Corn Maiden brings the fire of the sun into the human bodies, making them as the creator designed them to be. The Great Spirit has given man many representations of His love and power through nature. The Corn Maidens are said to have been created by the Great Spirit in the palm of his right hand. Each Maiden brings one seed of corn that is nurtured with love like that given to a child, that this one seed would sustain the entire tribe forever. With love and strength from the tribe, the tiny seeds mature and grow tall and strong, soon offering mature ears of corn for an abundance of crops for the people. The spirit of the Corn Maidens is forever present with the tribal people. The Corn maiden is the ' Grandmother of the Sun and The Grandmother of the Light".